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Juice Wringer

A twisting cloth filter bag
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Recently the neighbors fruit tree went unpicked and dropped mostly to the ground. I made pie and whatnot but all the bruised fruit was going fast. Vino it is, I decided.

Cooked it all up. The recipes say don't heat it or the pectin will cloud your product, but i don't care, and the ground-scores needed to be sanitized.

Poured the whole mess into a cloth-lined colander... About half the juice went through, and the rest was coming out one drop at a time. Grabbed the cloth, and started twisting and pressing: great success! Except for the burning fingers and leaking pulp.

So, the idea is a low-cost, ho-made juice press. It is a cloth bag open at one end and with stout ears sewn on. There is a simple frame with a pan or funnel under, a fixed hook, and a crank handle with a rotating hook.

The bag would be hung from the hooks, by the ears. The goods are poured in, and after a brief gravity session the top of the bag is folded over and wringing commences.

afinehowdoyoudo, Oct 17 2011

I think it's somewhat baked... http://www.gracieac...oreitem.asp?r=74903
[xandram, Oct 17 2011]

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       I have done this myself before, but don't know if the actual product is baked!
xandram, Oct 17 2011

       I applaud giving sex workers who want to get out of the business new marketable skills in mechanical engineering, but isn't this a bit specific?
jutta, Oct 17 2011

       It is, and even more worrying, the source of the // stout ears sewn on // is not stated. Will they have to use their own ears ?   

       // hung from the hooks, by the ears //   

       Is this in some way related to pole dancing ?
8th of 7, Oct 17 2011

       Let go of my ears dammit, I know what I'm doing...   


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