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Jumping Cars

The wonderful thing about Tiggers are Tiggers are wonderful things.
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Cars that jump, using hydraulics.

Obviously not practical for everyday driving, but handy to have in an emergency, for example dodging a child in the street or clearing a gap.

This would be better than breaking, as braking distances are quite long, but you could get airborne instantly.

MikeOliver, May 09 2003

(?) Lowriders http://www.win.net/...rs/cars/hopping.htm
With terrible web design and font/colour choices, and poor quality photos. [hippo, Oct 05 2004]

(?) Turbo! http://members.fort...riders/function.htm
Kitt specifications [silverstormer, Oct 05 2004]

Hydraulics Evolution http://auto.howstuf...com/question294.htm
[Shz, Oct 05 2004]


       Dukes of Hazard, anyone?
Aristotle, May 09 2003

       I think breaking would be quite likely.
sild, May 09 2003

       Knight Rider, anyone?   

       Also very good for avoiding custard-filled speed bumps.
friendlyfire, May 09 2003

       I'm sure I've seen something like this - not for normal road driving though. People do this with modified suspension setups in their cars (see link).
hippo, May 09 2003

       I recall seeing a rap music video that featured cars that bounced as they went along or stood idle. Wasn't sure if it is something the boys in the hood are doing to their buckets these days, or a special effect for the video.
DrCurry, May 09 2003

       Speed Racer used to do this weekly. I miss Chim-Chim.
phoenix, May 09 2003

       As far as i am awaer, lowriders bounce, but don't actually take off.   

       Knight rider and the Dukes of Hazzard jumped off jumps... I am talking hydrolic, vertical jump action.
MikeOliver, May 09 2003

       //Knight rider and the Dukes of Hazzard jumped off jumps//
Well you are right about the Dukes, but Kitt did actually jump/fly himself. I believe it was the Turbo Boost button...(linky)
silverstormer, May 09 2003

       What a cool site... however, it is my understanding, that the boost just made him go super fast, and therefore exaggerated any bump in the road... making him appear to fly, but not actually.
MikeOliver, May 09 2003

       You're mistaken. He could most definitely jump. But then that's hardly surprising - the writers seemed to just make up any old bullshit magic technology and endow him with it. I saw an episode the other day where he exhibited the mechanical equivalent of psychokinesis, moving paperweights about and turning lamps on and off. Acting like a regular poltergeist he was.
sild, May 09 2003

       If Kit had magical powers, then i cannot hope to compete with him...   

       I propose a very real solution, which grants the power of flight AND allows the user to retain sole ownership of his/her soul.
MikeOliver, May 09 2003

       Ah, The Ultimate Road Rage weapon. "How do you like your cut me off Lexus now?, Punk!"
Zimmy, May 09 2003

       I've sat inside the actual KR Kit car. Having ridden in a few, I can assure you Lowriders are fun to get around in. Especially when hopping.
thumbwax, May 09 2003

       economic feasability and idea retardedness should be taken in to acount here.
mini1, Oct 26 2003

       As an idea it could be made to work... lowriders jack their back suspension right up and then bounce the front up as high as possible... it would be easy to bounce the whole car the same way. I'm not sure they can get very high on just one bounce, they build their bounce height up by bouncing repeatedly. However, it's never going to improve safety... if a kid stepped out in front of your car and you were going too fast to stop, you'd need incredibly powerful hydraulics to get you high enough to miss him/her in time. Think about it... you're then moving upwards at speed, so you're gonna be quite high up by the time you start coming down again... imagine a ton of metal dropping from 5-10 metres up. That's not safe for anybody :s It'd be a really cool thing to do though... just admit it, you want it for the coolness factor, the safety's just an excuse ;)
david_scothern, Apr 26 2004

       You got me sussed [david]!
MikeOliver, Apr 26 2004

       Baked, there are many low rider show cars that can do just that, use hydrolics to bounce, or in some cases "jump" verticly into the air
Twist, Apr 16 2006

       1) Very widely baked 2) Use spell-check
sninctown, Apr 17 2006

       Hellooooo G-forces!
DesertFox, Apr 17 2006

       I think pneumatic powered would be better since its much lighter than hydrolic fluid.   

       You should probably have a five point harness and a roll cage incase you roll over upon landing.
BJS, Apr 17 2006

       [sninctown] -
1) please be more specific about the spelling mistakes
2) better yet, just fuck right off.
MikeOliver, Apr 30 2006

       Well, since you ask so politely, "hydraulics" and "braking" (in the sense of stopping, not falling apart) are two good spellings to know. (And feel free to delete both this and the previous annotation.)
jutta, Apr 30 2006

       1) Noted and corrected (although braking is a useful word to be able to spell, I'd dispute the usefulness of being able to spell hydraulics, especially in my line of work).
2) Still stands.
MikeOliver, Apr 30 2006


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