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Make your car sound like a high-end sports car

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Wired reports that people get aroused by the engine sounds of high-end- sports cars. [link]

So obviously, there should be an audio simulator that generates the noises of such a car and plays them through a speaker in the engine compartment. You could use the same speaker used by the alarm system; It's no doubt loud enough.

Each type of car you want to mimic could be an add on you can buy. And of course we can have the novelty sound packs if you want to sound like a Vespa, a tank, or a 747.

davidc, Sep 11 2008

Read the story here. http://blog.wired.c...eve-got-some-b.html
[davidc, Sep 11 2008]

Same lines.... http://www.faketurbo.com/
PISH! [Giblet, Sep 11 2008]

Electric Car Noise Generator Electric_20Car_20Noise_20Generator
[phoenix, Sep 11 2008]

in.pro Virtual Motor audio system, € 99,90 http://www.edmunds....ws/articleId=124702
Pretty close to the idea, including multiple choices. [jutta, Sep 11 2008]

manufacturer site (german) http://www.in-pro.d...ontent.php?pid=1340
Links to sound samples. [jutta, Sep 11 2008]

Faux Muscle Cars Faux_20Muscle_20Cars
I took this a little further than just sound effects in this idea about 6 years ago. [krelnik, Sep 15 2008]


       Can't find it but I'm sure it's baked.   

       I had an idea posted before I can't find that was to add noise to Hybrid's using the same system so people could hear those silent slugs coming and not get extinctified.
Giblet, Sep 11 2008

       Heh. I just downloaded the MP3 sample sounds. I can play them in my car stereo and save a hundred Euros. I'll save even more when I completely fail to get dates.   

       I'll have to drive to match the sounds, though. Maybe I should just stay with my clip of the Martian tripod going "UuuLahh".   

       Somewhere on the internet there's an MP3 of an F1 engine playing _We_Are_The_Champions_. But that would be even more lame and less believable.   

       Long ago I listened to an audio tape of a fellow who could imitate any sound. He rigged a microphone and loudspeaker to his car and had a lot of fun with it.
baconbrain, Sep 11 2008

       Reasons I think it is a unique idea: it is for all cars (not just electric), the sound is for purely for show (not safety) and the sound is outwardly playing (not through the car's internal audio system). Giblet's fake turbo is as close as it gets. But the real reason is to turn on the opposite sex.
davidc, Sep 14 2008

       From [jutta]'s link:</br>   

       "What better way to strike fear into the heart of drag racers than by pulling up to the lights in your grandma's grocery-getter and blasting the sound of a virtual F1 engine."   

       I'd suggest that the sound is outwardly playing. That doesn't mean it's not a marketable idea; clearly, someone's marketing it - but it does conclusively demonstrate that the idea's not unique. However, that's not grounds for deletion, because the idea's not widely known to exist.
david_scothern, Sep 15 2008

       it would take a really impressive sound system to replicate the impact (DB) and frequency range of a real sportscar. A sportscar played over your car alarm is like a symphony orchestra played on a boombox= nobody is going to get aroused.
WcW, Sep 15 2008

       This may be effective to stun and avert disaster from a haphazard driver of the car before you, right before such do a risky overtaking maneuver... press a button that plays a loud F1 car screech and crash! Oh no, that's a gorgeous darling! Quick! Press the button "Hi! I mean, my pretty lady first, tsup! t.c." Hummmmm (like a Hummer)...
rotary, Sep 15 2008


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