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Just Sharp Enough Razorblades

No cuts, no glory
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The new razorblades as well as the older, are the ones with the biggest risk of getting hurt. So why are there no razorblades that are not to sharp, but just sharp enough? And there should be some indicator or mark that vanishes after using and tells you when it's time to get a new one.
BartJan, Dec 06 2001

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       Also, wouldn't a 'just sharp enough' razor blade become a 'way too blunt' blade in a shorter space of time?
-alx, Dec 06 2001

       I want Immac For Men. How come that isn't baked?   

       I'm sure companies would love to market half-blunt razor blades if they thought they could get away with it, which should tell you this idea won't work.
pottedstu, Dec 06 2001

       p'stu, believe me you don't want Immac - it really stinks. What you want is waxing. Waxing is the way forward. We girls do it to legs, pubes, underarms, face if necessary... definitely value for money.
lewisgirl, Dec 06 2001

       [PS] Despite the logic of 'the sharper the better' , my experience with that is different. Allmost every time I use a new blade, I get hurt. And especially at the risky spots.   

       And [pottedstu], that's just a matter of marketing. If you place it with a slogan like 'never get hurt again!', it will sell. And not when you tell 'the blunter, the better!'.
BartJan, Dec 06 2001

       I once saw a patent for a blade formed from a piece of metal whose crystal domains had been formed such that, as the blade was used, the pieces that would break off would leave behind a shape identical to the original sharp edge.
beauxeault, Dec 06 2001

       I agree with you , [BartJan]. I find that, with a new blade, it's easier to cut one's elf, and with an old one, it's impossible to get a good shave. There's a window of opportunity which is all too small.
angel, Dec 06 2001

       I can't remember the last time I cut myself wet shaving. Have you considered using a different razor? I use one of those protector thingies.
-alx, Dec 06 2001

       [alx]- I use the Gilette Mach3 (what's in a name), but before that I used the Wilkinsin Protector, the one you mean. No cuts indeed, but allso no good shaving result!
BartJan, Dec 06 2001

       I'm wondering about the elf that [angel] is cutting...
barnzenen, Dec 06 2001

       Poor elf. Maybe elves and angels just don't get along.
bristolz, Dec 06 2001

       Unsharp blades suck. Ask PS. The blade has to be sharp, the sharper the better. And the razor must form it to the correct shape - a bowed, convex shape with the center sticking out. This way, the cutting edge becomes rigid and holds its shape while cutting hair.   

       BJ should try a different razor. I believe that is what is causing the problem he describes.
neelandan, Dec 07 2001


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