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Just saying thanks!

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Today is my official one-year anniversary. I must say, it has been the most memorable year of my life, and I look forward to many more here. Jutta, I cannot express enough gratitude to you for allowing me to come here, day after day after day, expressing all these crazy, halfbaked thoughts and ideas that drive everybody around me insane from listening to.

To everybody who's been here as long as or longer than me, I thank you for your tolerance and kindness, which is often hard for me to find in a new place. To those who have come here since, and who will continue to come, I welcome you and look forward to the wonderful ideas I know you are all capable of!

In response to the recently expressed opinions that there may be something wrong with the HB, or that it may be losing its flame, I say bah! Rubbish! Jutta's playground is a wondrous place which I will always call home. The Halfbakery is a raging conflagration that will shine bright and hot as long I have breath to stoke it with!

21 Quest, Jan 12 2007

**Must** grind beans, **must** make coffee... http://www.halfbake...diction_20-_20detox
(tee hee) [Jinbish, Jan 12 2007]


wagster, Jan 12 2007

good to have you around.

mwah ha ha ha ha ....
jonthegeologist, Jan 12 2007

       It really is nice to see so much enthusiasm [+] and thanks to you to.
zen_tom, Jan 12 2007

       [jonthegeologist]'s comment could sound vaguely threatening. "Good to have you around. Not that we'll need to say that for much longer, heheh..."

       As a slightly newercomer, I echo your well-expressed sentiments. Happy 'baking in 2007 and beyond!
imaginality, Jan 12 2007

       //[jonthegeologist]'s comment could sound vaguely threatening// - particularly when combined with his [m-f-e] tag - "It was nice knowing you - muahahaHAHAHAHAAA!!!"
hippo, Jan 12 2007

       maybe I should have put a BR inbetween, you know, separate them a little? [edits above] any better?
jonthegeologist, Jan 12 2007

       Ah, we have another vistor. Stay a while... stay FOREVER!
Jinbish, Jan 12 2007

       [jb] I now have the noises of a room-full of bleeping robots, and the slightly tinny, echoing footsteps of the Epyx man reverberating around my head.
zen_tom, Jan 12 2007

       Happy birthday. I wonder if anyone managed to get a call placed in the last year. You know: remember that place you work at with telephones and desks and bosses and stuff?
Ling, Jan 12 2007


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