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KaBOOM, you're it

No touch (bomb) backs
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Written into international law. Really short proxy wars. Always the little fat, dumb, gullible, weak kids get stuck being it.

Russia and the United States are just using you.

Antegrity, Mar 09 2008


       "Always the little fat, dumb, gullible, weak kids get stuck being it."
1) Ha! Like you're old enough to remember the last proxy war.
2) Tag, you're it.
3) Here, hold this bag for a second.

       "Russia and the United States are just using you."
That doesn't mean you don't have to take sides.
phoenix, Mar 09 2008

       The War category of the bakery is a bit of fishbone graveyard.
xenzag, Mar 09 2008

       Afghanistan, Angola, Korea, Vietnam.. theres a short list for you. Theres one going on right now. Unless you to much of an old fart to have the vision to see what kind of weapons people are using.
Antegrity, Mar 10 2008

       What can I say? I'm no good at satire, but this is just a rant.
phoenix, Mar 10 2008

       fat? proxy? You contradicted yourself.
lurch, Mar 10 2008


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