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Military Super-Soaker

Nuclear-Powered Water Cannon Floods Enemies
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The problem with any weapon system is the combination of mass and energy - nuclear weapons are "great" - small mass, big energy - but lots of side-effects. Bullets and bombs have the problem of being too heavy. The Nuclear Water Cannon (NWC) is a fission-powered ship that drives into hostile waters and uses its vast energy resources to "blast" water directly from the oceans onto hostile countries. Limitations are obviously how far you can blast water (unknown), but you could effectively hurricane an area with a salt water deluge (with associated environmental damage). Maybe it could work as a constant stream, or maybe you could shoot water "bombs" (as opposed to water balloons).
trekbody, Oct 12 2004

The fountain of bits http://acg.media.mi...inOfBits/intro.html
This *had* to have come from the HB [Klaatu, Oct 13 2004]

"Water Gun" http://www.eskimo.c...mateur/capexpt.html
a watergun powered by a big capacitor bank, this could be "embiggened" into the monstrosity you describe, trekbody [whatastrangeperson, Oct 17 2004]


       You would have done better not to go nuclear.
ldischler, Oct 13 2004

       Maybe we could also use the water to communicate. <link>
Klaatu, Oct 13 2004

       I think you are overestimating just how much water a ship can lob, even one that's powered by the magic of nuclear fission. (I refer you to the extensive literature on fireboats.)   

       And a ship in hostile waters needs to be hurling much more than water to keep unwelcome attentions at bay.
DrCurry, Oct 13 2004

       "Welcome to beautiful Lake Fallujah!"
RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2004

       what about a heavily armored firetruck kind of thing to hose out enemy strongholds, machine-gun nests, etc
MikeOxbig, Nov 30 2005


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