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Kaleidoscope on the Moon

I'm tired of the same old craters
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Instead of spending countless taxpayers' dollars on a space program that essentially lines the pockets of the super rich by extending super technology to them, I say spend them so we can actually enjoy them by setting up a giant kaleidoscope on the moon. Three impossibly long (and tall) mirrors set at 30 degree angles will give us a view of a six point star reflecting a fractured earth. As the Earth moves, the kaleidoscope changes, reflecting the weather patterns, rotation, seasons changing, or even a big black hole of outer space. A real life view of Earth, manipulated by man, to unify us in obvious folly. And hey- maybe the scientists could even figure out a way to use it.
Rm Brz, Oct 13 2006

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       It sounds like it would be nice to look at, but not at the expense of the moon.   

       I still find it interesting.
fridge duck, Oct 13 2006

       wouldn't a kaleidoscopic telescope be easier?
po, Oct 14 2006

       Only if you were on the moon to use it.
P-p-polly, Oct 14 2006

po, Oct 14 2006

       I used the term "impossibly" in a romantic sense- as in "ever-so", not a scientific one. And as for a kaleidoscopic telescope- as we are situated here on Earth, a kaleidoscopic telescope would reflect outward, not creating the introspective result I was hoping for- I want something that we can all enjoy worldwide, and for free.
Rm Brz, Oct 14 2006

       + I like this.
xandram, Jan 12 2022

       Good churn, [xandram]; I will have to spend some time picturing it in my head.
pertinax, Jan 12 2022

       That’s why I was intrigued…trying to imagine it.
xandram, Jan 13 2022


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