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Wearable tail cone for racing cyclists and goofy amateurs
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Proposed is a tailcone that would strap to a bicyclist's back in much the same way as a backpack. It could even be shaped to fit the whole rear silhouette of the rider from the seat to their helmet, replacing also the tail cone often seen in time trial stages of the Tour de France. It need not be rigid; a tent-like consistency with a wire frame and canvas-like material might best balance aerodynamic efficacy, weight, and rider mobility.
kevinthenerd, Apr 12 2012

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       Extraneous structures are not allowed on racing bicycles. They get away with the helmets cones because they are part of the helmet. They can use disk wheels because those are structural to the wheels, but they can't use non structural fairings such as this.
MechE, Apr 12 2012

       [+] a shark fin on the back would go perfectly with streamlined bike helmets.
FlyingToaster, Apr 12 2012

       what, cyclists ? a little pepper and some oregano perhaps...
FlyingToaster, Apr 12 2012

       How about training sharks in how to ride bicycles and some kind of aqualung for gills? It might them a more sporting chance against the shark fin fishing guys when on land.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 13 2012

       LASERs on their heads wouldn't hurt, unless they used them on you.
UnaBubba, Apr 13 2012

       [MechE] Are you saying that this would have to be integrated into their pants rather than being a backpack? It could be defined as "padding" and would be situated to provide a small amount of comfort as well as improve the profile.
scad mientist, Apr 13 2012

       If the rider had a shark fin type appendage grafted onto their body then they would get round the rules surely?
pocmloc, Apr 14 2012


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