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Karaoke Tilt

Offing the off-key . . .
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All too many times, I have been forced to endure the worst karaoke singers (if you can call them that) in the act of ruining my enjoyment of a song for this as well as several more lives to come. A simple resistor in the machinary could be introduced that will shut down the unit after a certain degree of tone-deafness has been demonstrated.

Variation: For a small extra fee the holder of the microphone will receive a comparably potent electric shock that will be correct toward future improved singing, or better, a lesson that will shut the would-be Whitney Houston up for a period equivalent until the next disco revival.

ofersh, Feb 03 2001


       Actually, what I'd like to see would be a switch which would cause parts of the song to be skipped either smoothly or abruptly depending upon circumstances. Such a switch might be used not only with bad singlers, but also on nights when many people wish to sing (reducing songs from 3'30 to 2'00 would allow more than 50% more people to sing)
supercat, Feb 03 2001

       "A simple resistor"?
egnor, Feb 03 2001


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