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Kayak Shower Safety Wellytops

Lights, camera, traction!
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There are dangers in the bathroom. Smooth floors, slippery soaps, hard tiled floors. Kayak Shower Safety Wellytops should put paid to some of the danger. They are an aftermarket add-on for your wellies, by which regular wellington boots can be swiftly repurposed from bogtrotting outdoorswear to an essential part of your early morning ablutative regime. To use this revolutionary product, simply strip naked and put on your wellies as normal. Then, using the simple gore-tex and drawstring design, close the wellytops around your shapely calves, in the same manner as you would close your kayak cockpit cover round your toned and slender waist. This ensures no water will seep into your wellingtons; your feet will remain snug and dry. Then enter your shower, safe in the knowledge that, no matter how soapy your showerfloor gets, you will always have enough traction to eliminate the possibility of a trip to casualty for stitching of wounds/removal of the bottle of Matey.
calum, Mar 12 2007

Matey http://www.matey.co.uk/range.htm
[calum, Mar 12 2007]

Wellington Boots http://en.wikipedia...iki/Wellington_boot
[calum, Mar 12 2007]

The Welly Boot song http://www.traditio...Welly_Boot_Song.htm
Billy Connolly [Ling, Mar 13 2007]


       + 1 for the title alone.
po, Mar 12 2007

       - 1 for the resulting unwashed, smelly feet.
hippo, Mar 12 2007

       just wondering where the matey bottle became stuck.
po, Mar 12 2007

       completely daft, impractical, over complex and almost totally useless = (+)
xenzag, Mar 12 2007

       //simply strip naked and put on your wellies as normal//
That there is your croissanting factor.
methinksnot, Mar 12 2007

       But then how, good sir, do you plan to wash your feet?
Freefall, Mar 13 2007

       During the day, when walking around the house, the Wellies could double up as foot spars. Fill them up with soothing goo,and slosh around.
Ling, Mar 13 2007

       ablutative - of or pertaining to ablution, though in this context not necessarily religious.
calum, Mar 13 2007

       OK OK, so I made up a word!
calum, Mar 13 2007

       (sp. "inbrud")
hippo, Mar 13 2007


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