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Kebab head wrap

Kebab Head wrap
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Dual purpose Kebab head wrap keeps head warm as head keeps kebab meat warm.Wearer could unwrap meal as they walk or special shaving knife could be included.
ricchris, Dec 29 2008

(?) The one illustrated here http://www.activehi...W1_CAUSES/index.htm
is being used for chicken. [pertinax, Dec 30 2008]


       You will not be seen as hamless
afinehowdoyoudo, Dec 29 2008

       are you wearing a doner kebab? I had a hair on one once that put me off for months.
po, Dec 29 2008

       Maybe a fruit wrap liner could remedy that.
ricchris, Dec 29 2008

       I am pretty sure this violates a law of physics. [marked-for-deletion] bad science.
daseva, Dec 30 2008

       Is the meat supposed to be kept appreciably hotter than the head?
Texticle, Dec 30 2008

       I suppose it should be at least heat lamp hot.
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

       Violations of the laws of physics aside, I am pretty sure the wearer would end up with a nasty greasy face and neck. ugh!
ryokan, Dec 30 2008

       Let me understand this: the inclusion of a shaving knife suggests that what you are proposing to wear is the rotating vertical spit from which meat is to be shaved, and not the open piece of pitta bread into which the meat shavings are to be deposited.   

       Let's suppose that you understand that head-heat alone will not be enough to sustain an appropriate meat temperature.   

       So, what you're talking about is a pickelhaube with added motor, heating element and drip tray. See link.
pertinax, Dec 30 2008

       Well, I assume that the "lamb loaf could be any shape you want it since it is just a compressed product anyway. I was thinking along the lines of a paper towel roll that could be unwound, but a cylindrical loaf with a hole of the wearer's cranium diameter would suffice.
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

       So it's a sort of turban meat roll - excellent +
xenzag, Dec 30 2008

       Head and Sihk kebab!
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

       Watch closely now as I pull a rabbit out of my hat...one bite at a time.   

       I would like to give the "Link of the Day" award to pertinax.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2008

       Do you incubate the bird on your helmet or do you glue him on once he is mature?
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

       "Link of the day" award, indeed.
normzone, Dec 30 2008


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