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Keep feet awake

Keep your feet from falling asleep while you nap.
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with feet up on the desk the powers that be allow you to drift off to sleep. a few minutes later your feet fall asleep too. Slip this quarter sized gizmo into each sock. It should have soothing yet stimulating vibration to keep the blood flowing thus keeping your feet from falling asleep.
krod, Feb 29 2004

For 1st2know... http://www.barnettc...ows.com/pistols.htm
Boost your rate to 100% with one of these. Most of the plywood doors in my flat have holes in them thanks to this little bugger. Chopsticks are my preferred ammunition of choice. [lostdog, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I was irritated by waking because my feet where all tingily, I hate that.
krod, Feb 29 2004

       [+] the only idea that could be better than this is to someway to get ALL of my pencils stuck in the acoustic tiles above my desk. My current rate is about 30%   

       I used to ride a commuter train where one of the wheels was out of balance, and when the train would exceed 60mph, it would give off a great vibration, soothing my tired feet (that were tired from being propped on the desk all day :-).
1st2know, Feb 29 2004

       [lostdog] lol - now the bosses on the floor above me will know I'm bored, when they see *my* pencils in *their* ceiling!
1st2know, Feb 29 2004

       This is a great idea. Quite often my feet fall asleep. With thirteen sizes with of blood, when some of it is missing, it is felt. Not only for feet on desks, but in my hammock (conveniently at my work place also) my feet have a habit of falling asleep. Question: How would you make it so this device doesn't irritate your feet while you walk? Is it an addition to an insole? Think about adding that.... Other then that, BZ. Great job.
phoenix706, Mar 01 2004


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