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Napping Glasses

Combines an alarm clock with glasses.
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Note: If you don't wear glasses, or if you wear contacts, you may want to get sunglasses with this mod. Hell, that would make it even better for this puropse.

A simple, small alarm clock, perhaps attached to the arm of the glasses like the Bluetooth device on RAZRWIRE sunglasses (it can probably be made smaller than that even) with bright LEDs at the corners of the frames.

You set the alarm for the time you want to wake up, and when it's time, the frames vibrate gently and the LEDs flash repeatedly until you hit the reset button. After you hit the reset button, it goes off automatically any time your eyes are closed for more than a few seconds unless you completely turn it off, which cannot be done unless you take the glasses off.

Now I realize most people don't wear their glasses while sleeping, but this idea is intended mainly for use at work, so you can catch a quick nap on a break and not worry about oversleeping. Many jobs don't allow cell phones in the workplace, so that alarm is useless on a quick break.

(I'm not sure if this is feasible, so please don't bone because of this it's not part of the main idea, but I think an infrared motion sensor could also be added to alert you if your boss approaches while you're napping.)

21 Quest, Dec 19 2006


       Fine idea, [21 Quest]. I'd far rather wake using these than using a normal alarm clock.

       A vaguely similar product is sold as a lucid dream inducer - it's an eye mask with LEDs that can be set to flash when you are in REM sleep. The idea is that you will dream of flashing lights, realise that it's the LEDs, and realise you're dreaming. I've tried it and it does work, but was very over-priced (so I got it just to try it and sent it back before the 'money-back guarantee' period was up :-) ).
imaginality, Dec 19 2006

       I work 13 hour days and your fired if caught sleeping just one time so add the motion sensor and I'll buy one.
pydor, Dec 19 2006

       Logitacky - you appear to be new to the bakery so welcome, but it will be "welcome for a short stay'" if you start describing folk like 21 Quest or any other baker as morons. You need to be very careful about launching personal attacks. This site is supposed to be about half-baked ideas and commentary on them, not an outlet for venom.

       Where are your ideas so that we can see the colour of your money ?
xenzag, Dec 20 2006

       Logitacky... who the fuck do you think you are? You just joined this site yesterday and you're already insulting people. Perhaps if you read what I stated in the post more carefully you wouldn't arrive at the dumbass conclusion you obviously did. Unless you fully understand what you're bitching about, which you obviously don't, then keep your mouth shut, you fucking idiot.

       (this has nothing to do with this post, but I'm just wondering who went through my profile and added a bone to every one of my ideas?)
21 Quest, Dec 20 2006

       he should come back and dig up his bones like a good little doggie
xenzag, Dec 21 2006


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