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Kevin Bacon Saves the World

Grind conspiracy trash and add Kevin Bacon to it
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1. Take any popular but obviously bone-headed conspiracy theory.

2. Pluck some relevant bits of how 'it all makes sense' and work Kevin Bacon into the conspiracy using whatever link path you see fit.

3. Demonstrate to the conspiracy proponent just how easy that was in order to show just how ridiculously pointless the theory is by showing how your addition fits exactly their standards.

4. Enjoy your favorite victory drink as common sense returns for a moment.

5. Contemplate how a meme game as old as the internet itself potentially just saved civilization.

RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2022

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon https://en.wikipedi...rees_of_Kevin_Bacon
For those that don't know. [DrBob, Apr 19 2022]

Origin of the 'Bacon' surname. https://www.ancestr...rigin?surname=bacon
[DrBob, Apr 20 2022]

Weight shifting tanks for aircraft design certification. https://simpleflyin...ring-certification/
[doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022]

Typical water scooping fire fighting aircraft design. https://thaimilitar...amphibian-aircraft/
[doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022]

Big tank in a 747 stretching the length of the aircraft. https://www.busines...or-fire-retardant-5
The pictures were a bit slow to load. [doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022]


       I think this fails at point 3.
pocmloc, Apr 19 2022

       I'll bun this despite loving conspiracy theories.   

       Let me be clear, they're all horrible, the only good conspiracy theory, wives tale, not sure what you'd call it was spontaneous human combustion. That was fascinating because it WAS without a doubt an actual phenomenon, either humans burning without burning down the surrounding room/building or people staging these grotesque displays of scorched corpses.   

       There's a theory that the candle wick effect is what causes this, but it was a weird unknown and those are cool.   

       Guess it's not a conspiracy theory though.   

       I think I mentioned how I think I actually may have talked a chemtrail believer who had a booth set up on a busy street in San Francisco that there were, we'll say, several problems with the theory. I did it by saying "These things would have to happen." and piled them up. Then I pointed out that his main evidence, a picture of a plane with water tanks used to shift load for flight testing was just that, and that planes with one liquid in them are a thing in firefighting aircraft, but they just use one tank because multiple tanks are a lot heavier for the same volume of liquid. I then said "There may be chemtrail airplanes, but this isn't one of them."   

       Point is, I went easy on the guy and allowed him to do the math himself. I think it worked.   

       But yours is interesting. Just say "Please explain how Kevin Bacon never mentions chemtrails, not once, in any of his movies. That's just what a central figure in this plot to spread mind control drugs would do."   

       Yea, devious but clever. I can see it.
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2022

       Kevin Bacon would fit into every Hollywood-inspired conspiracy, but then, that's just what Kevin Bacon would say.
4and20, Apr 19 2022

       //Guess it's not a conspiracy theory though//   

       You'd be right there, lacking as it does the most vital requirement of any conspiracy & thus by default (or is that extension?) also of any theories about conspiracies, to wit, conspirators, something all natural phenomena, including theorised ones, are known to possess a singular lack of.   

       [Pauses to ponder]   

       But that's just what they'd want you to think isn't it?   

       [Wanders away muttering to himself with a worried look on his face].
Skewed, Apr 19 2022

       //But that's just what they'd want you to think isn't it?//   

       LOL! I know, right?
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2022

       By the way, is Bacon his real name? That's a very weird name. Like "Sally Sausage" or "Harry Hotlinks", "David Donut" or whatever.   

       Bacon is... well... bacon.   

       Surprised this didn't get more up votes. It would actually be kind of fun to implement and would get the conspiracy theorizers to start calling out the logical fallacies of something associated with their conspiracy theory. Sort of set them on the track to critical thinking.
doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022

       //That's a very weird name//

Actually, it's not. It's quite a common name. Linky.
DrBob, Apr 20 2022

       Well then who's the clown that took a respectable family name and applied it to strips of dead pig flesh?
doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022

       It came together rather like Smith or Miller I suspect.   

       To really have some fun with it, a better title might've been 'Kevin Bacon Saves the World Again.' Let them wonder and speculate on what exactly transpired the first time.
RayfordSteele, Apr 20 2022

       // planes with one liquid in them are a thing in firefighting aircraft, but they just use one tank because multiple tanks are a lot heavier for the same volume of liquid //   

       Is it that true? I would have thought that large tanks in an airplane would have to be divided up into smaller tanks. Otherwise the liquid would slosh back and forth making the plane unstable. I guess for fire fighting, if you have a full tank and dump it all at once, it goes from full (no sloshing) to empty (no sloshing), so it might not be a problem, but if you want to release the liquid gradually, a partitioned tank, or multiple tanks would be recommended.
scad mientist, Apr 20 2022

       Possibly, but multiple tanks to test shifting weight for new aircraft designs is definitely a thing. The one the guy showed me was from one of my science books that I recognized from my childhood.   

       Main point was, there may be planes with multiple tanks of mind control chemicals, but that isn't what that picture was, so what else was "modified" evidence?   

       Regarding multiple tanks, assuming you had one outlet and the pipes between the tanks were the same size as the ones in the load shift test arrangement, you'd have to fly over the fire, dump one tank, pump it full again (shifting all the weight ) dump that tank, pump it full again from the other tanks and repeat. You can see from any picture of the water and or retardant being dumped they just dump the entire load from one outlet. Maybe they have baffles to keep the water in place. Or maybe they just fly it very carefully.
doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022

       Road tankers definitely have baffles, so I don't see any reason aircraft takers wouldn't. Some also have inflatable bladders (inside the tank) to stop sloshing, but that would be excessive weight for an aircraft I would think.
I believe (large) aircraft fuel tanks have pumps for re- arranging the load as fuel is used.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 20 2022

       Small aircraft have that as well. In fact I believe John Denver crashed his Vareze (I think the plane was called) because he was distracted reaching behind the seat trying to switch tanks.   

       Forget where I heard that, but fuel tank switching is a thing in small planes. I flew a Cessna 172 in my youth and my instructor said "Don't touch the fuel tank switch while you're flying." so I was pretty well versed and rehearsed in the proper procedure. Don't like to use the term "ace pilot", but I'd say there wasn't a pilot in history that was better than me at not touching the fuel tank selector switch.
doctorremulac3, Apr 20 2022

       //then who's the clown that took a respectable family name and applied it to strips of dead pig flesh?//   

       Well, according to Wellbies much celebrated "Minor Nobles & Other Errata" (4th edition pg.149 addendum 6) It was a by blow of the Sandwich dynasty, on the distaff side no less, big scandal at the time, very hush hush, it seems he was jealous of the fame Lord Sandwich enjoyed after appropriating the sandwich with his name .. and this is what he came up with.   

       However, I can't find any reference to clowning, though from other sources young Bacon did have surprisingly large feet I hear, so perhaps there is some truth in that & the swineherd who took the blame for his inception wasn't the guilty party after all, the circus did pass through quite regularly back in the day.
Skewed, Apr 20 2022

       There can't ever be too many Kevin Bacon ideas as far as I'm concerned, so I fully approve. Now about an idea entitled "I Can't Believe It's Not Kevin Bacon's Kevin Bacon's Bacon"? I was going to post this as a stand alone idea, but the annotation will suffice.
xenzag, Apr 21 2022



       Too bad it doesn't all rhyme.
whatrock, Apr 21 2022

       My last posting went like this for no apparent reason. Only deleting and reposting corrected the double spacing. Let's see how this one goes..... (I just corrected the spacing by deleting the extra blank lines that had appeared)
xenzag, Apr 21 2022


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