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Know your old TV shows

Video collection - know your (grand)parents TV-shows
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With the demise of after-school television programs and Saturday morning cartoons, kids don't get references to historically significant television content. There should be a video compilation for these. (Once upon a time, this might have been a DVD Boxed-Set. Today, it'd be a Youtube channel or Netflix special).

In it would be snippets to help educate children about things like:

* Making a radio from a coconut (Gilligan's Island) * Jump the shark (the actual Happy Day's episodes) * Kill the Rabbit (and other clips from Bugs Bunny)

The intent wouldn't be full episodes of old TV shows, but just enough of a set of clips that would teach about them and help younger generations better understand what "3 hour tour" meant in popular culture.

trey, Feb 26 2020


       Hey, [trey], congrats on your first post!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2020

       Sad that it only took 19 years and one month for my first post.
trey, Feb 27 2020

       It's fine - just adds to your mystique.
pertinax, Feb 27 2020

       Looking forward to the second.....
pocmloc, Feb 27 2020

       Must be one of original halfbakery members?
xenzag, Feb 27 2020


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