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Key Logger Defence

Onscreen Keyboard with letters arranged randomly
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Keyloggers are software or hardware devices used to capture key strokes. The more advanced software version also captures screen shots. If the password is entered on a on-screen keyboard, with the keys arranged randomly each time, it would be a lot harder to determine the password from screenshots
senatorjam, May 31 2012

Baked? http://www.ajmatrix.com/whats-new.html
"This new On Screen Keyboard has randomly arranged letters and attributes so that it can be prevented from Hackers who trace out the password entry in a facile manner." [Wrongfellow, May 31 2012]

A login with protection from keyloggers A_20login_20with_20...20from_20keyloggers
Somewhat similar idea, albeit back then touchscreens were not as pervasive. [Inyuki, May 31 2012]

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       Sp.: 'Luger'
Alterother, May 31 2012

       Thanks...corrected...Wish there was a German Luger defence possible.
senatorjam, May 31 2012

       Why are you running a keylogger programme on your computer?
pocmloc, May 31 2012

       Lugers are prone to misfire. Better to use a Walther.
Alterother, May 31 2012

       You know that there are screen loggers, who will capture the screenshots, too?
Inyuki, May 31 2012

       Yup, however it will not capture mouse clicks
senatorjam, May 31 2012

       Mouse clicks are orders of magnitued lesss data-intensive than screenshots...
Inyuki, May 31 2012

       Sorry this is very much baked. My old bank ING already did this.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 01 2012


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