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Key Ring Ring Keeper

A wedding ring holding key chain
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My work-place prohibits employees from wearing finger rings. Every morning I take my ring off before entering the work bay. Given that I am extremely forgetful, and prone to losing things, this poses a grave danger to my relationship and my happiness therein.

To keep from misplacing this sacred symbol of unending love, I thread my ring onto my key ring.

My ring is tungsten, so I don’t have to worry about the key ring, or the many keys it secures, marring this precious symbol of love and commitment.

Regardless of my rings resistance to damage, I still don’t like having my ring hanging from my key ring like just another key.

I would much rather have a small locket-style attachment for my key ring. Something crafted from the same resilient metal as my ring. Something lined in velvet, that closes securely to keep my ring safe throughout the work day. Something befitting the storage of such a tender sentiment when it cannot be worn on my finger.

MikeD, Feb 04 2010

*kind of* like this... Police_20Issue_20Doughnut_20Protector
[Jinbish, Feb 04 2010]


       This is a sweet idea, and nice right before Valentine's Day. I bump you with a bun, and one hand a clapping.
blissmiss, Feb 05 2010

       + nice
xandram, Feb 05 2010


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