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Key in mobile phone

Mobile phone will transmits the keys to the lock
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You want to visit your friend that has the MobiLock on his home. He navigates his phone menu: Keys/HomeDoorMain/Send_copy then he enters validity: from Aug. 2nd to Aug. 5th, then enters receiver's phone number and Send. You will receive (to your mobile phone via SMS) a unique time-limited key to his house in the form of a code, your mobile phone will be able to transmit this code (perhaps via Bluetooth) to the lock and act like a remote door opener. If you or he ever loses any of these keys, it's easy to invalidate it. System can also ask you to change your key codes periodically to increase safety and to keep off the mother-in-law.
slovakmartin, Jul 30 2006


       So now by stealing your mobile, you not only get a phone, but you can start accessing this person's friends' houses?
hidden truths, Jul 30 2006

       For our car, if we call the manufacturer's service, they'll unlock the car remotely (or at least they're supposed to - we've never actually tried it), so a similar system ought to work for houses.
DrCurry, Jul 30 2006

       Bone. No one should ever transmit information over the air that could get others into their house.   

       It's taken almost 40 years for garage doors to become even close to having good security, and now you want to do the same sort of thing with the front door? Bad juju.   

       I also don't like the idea of having to get past electronic equippment before I can enter my own home.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 31 2006

       By stealing your house keys they can access your house now. With this MobiLock you call to the callcenter and have your code disabled.
slovakmartin, Aug 10 2006

       This needs a little more cryptography, specifically, a challenge/response protocol. That is, you don't send the "code" itself over the air; similar to the way keyless entry in other contexts works. Getting all the details right is tricky, but not impossible.
jutta, Aug 10 2006


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