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Keychain Fish Viewer

Conveniently view what's going on.
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A keychain waterproof, high-pressure camera that accepts popular flash memory formats.

It clips to your regular keyring with a very small, attached, keyring.

When fishing and getting a bunch of nibbles but no bites, clip the camera's keyring around your line and let the camera sink down to the top of your rig where it will catch on the first swivel. It has a small LED to illuminate the rig and to see what kinds of fish are biting.

When you want to view the video, simply reel the line in, retrieve the camera, remove the flash memory, put it in your camera, and see whether or not you've put the bait on the right way, or if the fish biting the hook have tiny little mouths and can't wrap their lips around the entire hook.

mylodon, Nov 11 2007

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       [+] but i think a live feed would be better masybe bluetooth. \
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 11 2007

       I think water would interfere with radio transmission too much, and adding a data line would make fishing more complicated.   

       This is just a quick-n-simple way to see what's going on.
mylodon, Nov 11 2007

       Fishing with a fiberoptic strand?
half, Nov 12 2007

       I'd probably never see a fish, but at least I could find out what had snagged my hook.
lurch, Nov 12 2007

       And if the camera becomes detached..?
vincevincevince, Nov 12 2007

       You'd send down another camera to find it. These would sell by the dozen.
mylodon, Nov 12 2007


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