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Kindergarten maze

A challenge which won't end up with distress
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3-5 year olds and big mazes don't mix. So how to do it?

I think one way is to remove the 'hidden' view part, and add another challenge: balance.

The maze is based on one of those geometric square types, but instead of walking between the lines, the kids have to walk on a slightly raised line, 100mm (4") wide and 80mm (~3") high.

At key points, a letter of the English alphabet is written (these are foreign speaking kids). If they remember the sequence of the alphabet, then they have a better chance to reach the centre.

They slowly work their way into the centre, and this gives them direct feedback of the success so far.

Any time they want to finish, they can simply walk across the whole thing.

I think it will help improve spatial memory, the English alphabet memory and balance.

For the really young, the maze can double up as a very simple one, by walking between the raised lines.

I will start construction in one week, at my school.

Ling, Apr 24 2005

(?) Sketch http://www.geocitie...boy/other/maze.html
Landing platforms are slightly raised [Ling, Apr 24 2005]

A few maze designs http://www.onebillionmazes.com/
Before you build you need to review all of these mazes. [bristolz, Mar 16 2006]


       Three questions:   

       o Never seen a maze with foot high hedges?
o Why raise the lines at all?
o There is an English language alphabet? I was under the impression we shared our alphabet with many languages.
DrCurry, Apr 24 2005

       Wow, bullet points. I am impressed.   

       Foot high hedges: Something like this was on my mind for a short while. I've never seen them, but I could imagine their use. I think they wouldn't last long in a Kindergarten (and the maintenance?)   

       A painted line is easy to walk along (and miss), but a slightly raised line adds a psychological problem. 4" wide should be no problem (I tried it with my daughter), but it appears to get more difficult with the height. At 10ft, you or I would probably not wish to try it.   

       English Alphabet: what would you prefer I call it?
Ling, Apr 24 2005

       I think the kids will love it.   

       I suppose that would be the Roman Alphabet.   

       \\I will start construction in one week, at my school.\\   

       That woulde be so cool! Keep us informed will you?+
zeno, Apr 25 2005

       This is a great idea.
JesusHChrist, Apr 25 2005

       Latin alphabet
ooooooooo, Mar 16 2006

       Wow, bristolz, that site is... erm... amazing! If I viewed one every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, it would take me 158 years.   

       My apologies to all that are awaiting results: The concrete pad is in place, the surrounding landscaping is complete, but the time and funds ran out before school started last year (Right now, the school has not quite been open for one year).   

       But I am determined to finish it, and as soon as I do, I will take a photo, and link it.
Ling, Mar 17 2006


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