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Mini Parks On The Avenue

Each light or utility pole holds a 50 or 60 square foot park on platforms 8 feet above ground
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It would have grass, plants, a rail around it and stairs leading up. It would accommodate just a couple of people at a time and be perfect to eat a picnic lunch in right there in downtown Manhattan. Might need to charge to keep people from hogging them though.

Take your shoes off, run them through the grass and have a coffee break before you get back to your hectic job.

Then get out because the sprinklers water the grass every hour.

doctorremulac3, Jul 07 2010


       I like it. Sort of a Crow's Nest Park. With spiral staircases leading up to the platform the poles could be very attractive, might even be more stable in windy conditions, and would allow the user to easily access the raised vantage point while carrying a cup of hot coffee.
jurist, Jul 07 2010

       I don't think you want to do this with EACH pole or there'd be a lot of overhead structures but I think one or two in each city block would be nice.
dentworth, Jul 07 2010

       //(pssst! sp.: "picnic")//   

       Thx J, corrected.
doctorremulac3, Jul 07 2010

       //one or two in each city block would be nice.//   

       In that case maybe you could do multiple decks of 3 or 4.
doctorremulac3, Jul 07 2010


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