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Kitchen Appliance Ferris Wheel

Easy access to all your infrequently used appliances
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I've got numerous kitchen appliances which I don't use that often - Breadmaker, Juicer, Coffee Machine etc.

Instead of storing them out of the way somewhere (forgetting I actually own them), I want a ferris wheel built into my worktop.

The main body of the device (and most of the appliances) remains hidden under the worktop. Ok, I'll have to sacrifice some cupboard space, but chances are that the space was being taken up by the long-forgotten appliances anyway.

Press the 'Forward' or 'Back' button on the worktop, and the wheel whirs into motion, only stopping when you take your finger off the button.

Fresh coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and some freshly baked bread, anyone?

jtp, Sep 14 2007


       Would be good. Those cluttered old-appliance cabinets are hell to get stuff out of the back of. My ferris wheel would also carry my blender and my electric mixer. And my salad washer.
bnip, Sep 14 2007

       Impossible. The cables would get twisted up after just a couple of revolutions.
vincevincevince, Sep 14 2007

       Good point [vince]cubed, but I think it could be fixed: One plug goes into the wall socket. The cable from this plug does not lead directly to any appliance. Instead, it leads to a neat little SoftSocket (patient pandering) which has three small pits, resembling a normal socket but with wider openings.   

       Each appliance has its plug replaced with a SoftPlug (patently bending), which exposes three wires out the back for a short distance, and is fixed to the frame of the Ferris wheel.   

       Now, when the wheel stops turning in a valid position (with a satisfying clunk), the exposed wires of one of the SoftPlugs are trailing into the wide holes in the SoftSocket, where they can be secured with a small LeverThingy (pedant panting).   

       Then you can switch it on.
pertinax, Sep 14 2007

       marked-for-tagline (pedant panting)
normzone, Sep 14 2007

       I thought it was just for storage, and that none of the appliances would be plugged in while actually on the Ferris wheel. (That way, as long as the appliance cords were wound up and secured, they wouldn't get tangled.)   

       You could also have a cheaper Ferris wheel that's not powered at all.
bnip, Sep 14 2007

       Best if festooned with lights and plays music as it turns. An excellent way to attract attention and show off all your fabulous, expensive and useless kitchen gizmos, including of course the Kitchen Appliance Ferris Wheel. [+]
nuclear hobo, Sep 14 2007

       //This reminds me of an old walnut sewing machine table that belonged to my great grandmother//

What did great-grandmama do with sewn walnuts?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 14 2007


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