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Musical Tin Opener

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Musical Tin Opener plays a little tune as it whirls around the edge of can. It does this because it has a built in jewelery box type musical player.
xenzag, Dec 18 2012

Would you believe that musical *can* openers are Baked? http://gamecocksonl...0&product_id=214518
Not quite what you had in mind though, looks like. [DrCurry, Dec 19 2012]

music box player http://www.babymusi...es.co.uk/mbm18h.htm
now all you need do is to attach the tin opener, and voila! [xenzag, Dec 19 2012]


       Hold me closer, tinny dancer.   

       Ah - the good DrCurry returns. That object in link looks like a bottle opener?
xenzag, Dec 19 2012

       Yeah, bottle opener.
Kansan101, Dec 19 2012


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