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kitchen jigsaw

A powerful cutting tool
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Has anyone tried to cut a frozen turkey with one of those electric knives? Or a frozen slab of ground beef with a regular knife?

The kitchen tools now available just aren't up to the task. I propose a full powered kitchen model jigsaw in an egg white curvy case.

Next up: the kitchen router, kitchen circular saw, kitchen drill, and kitchen CRC machine.
Voice, Oct 03 2010


       Power tools in the kitchen is well baked. I remember seeing on TV a man using an angle grinder to slice open a bun, insert burger, and then fasten the two halves back together with a door hinge fixed on with an electric screwdriver I think.
pocmloc, Oct 03 2010

       I had to use a chainsaw to cut a steak from a frozen deer roast one time.
Does that count?

       The Inuit actually have 27 words for "frozen meat." 15 of those are expletives involving a dull ulu (Inuit knife). A loosely translated example would be (this is as close as we can get in English): "Moosemeat too fucking hard to cut with an ulu.")
Boomershine, Oct 04 2010


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