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Kitty Klipper

Making clipping your cat's nails a breeze
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Not long ago I bought this awkward clipper thing and tried to give Mina a manicure. Needless to say, I soon found the only way I can do this is to put her in a headlock and then still worry about getting scratched.

Wouldn't it be great to have some kind of flexible brace/clip things you can slip on your cat's paws and it will hold her in her place, gently squeeze the nails out and then a laser guided clipper will cut the nail precisely at 45 degree angle (per clipper package instructions) and make sure not getting the blood vassel. It will be quick and stree free for both you and your cat.

The deluxe model can feature a thermometer, and be used by Vets to take tempeatures. That design would look rather similar to an, oh, apple core peeler. THis need came to my attention when, much to my horror, on my last vet visit I realized that they don't use the armpits for the tempeature...

majrtom, May 10 2004

Cat Straightjacket http://www.vetmed.w...aint/cat_in_bag.jpg
This ain't my cat, but the straightjacket is the same. [krigre55, Dec 03 2007]



Helium, May 10 2004

       what He said, I think. mine use the carpet!
po, May 10 2004

       You need to supply your cat with a scratching post.Problem solved.
python, May 10 2004

       carpet and scratching posts are used by cats to sharpen their claws. clipping them is usually done to blunt them, this is a humane (for the cat, not the owner) and impermenant alternative to de-clawing. +
stilgar, Jun 11 2004

       They've got a straightjacket-type thing for cats. [link] I know, my 2 pound cat took three people to get it into one, destroyed the thing so badly that the vet gave it to us.
krigre55, Dec 03 2007


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