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Knee Hi-Hat

Hi-hat opens and closes based of knee movements.
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This is an idea for a hi-hat that has a unique assembly. Two shafts rise over either side of the leg when sitting down. They connect over the knee where the hi-hat is mounted and a rod drops down to connect to a wrap around the knee. Now the hi-hat opens and closes based on the knee's position.

I have noticed that I can bounce my knee independently of the rhythm of the bass drum foot beneath it. This would allow for one leg to accomodate two sounds, and thus make the one man band a more sensible option.

daseva, Jun 29 2006


skinflaps, Jun 29 2006

       The phrases "one man band" and "sensible option" used in the same sentence. This may be a first.
normzone, Jun 29 2006

       I disagree [normzone]: A one man band is never a sensible option (Until now, that is).
methinksnot, Jun 29 2006

       im assuming you use a double bass pedal? otherwise this would be pointless..
bleh, Jun 29 2006

       No, the other foot is tapping out a bass line on one of those oversized keyboard whatchamacallits.
daseva, Jun 30 2006

       Bu-dum +ss   

       does a drop clutch or dummy hi hat not work?
bleh, Jul 01 2006


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