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Laser drumsticks

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Hollow drumsticks with a laser light emanating from the tip. Add some dry-ice smoke for an awesome drumming spectacle.
simonj, Mar 18 2009

drumsticks with frick'n lasers people, is it too much to ask? http://vids.myspace...ual&VideoID=1911122
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 19 2009]


       So, um, Gaffer tape a laser-pointer to some drumsticks?   

       Sure, why not? Apart from the obvious danger of blinding the audience every now and again. Makes for a more edgy gig   

       {I suppose you could pass out laser safety goggles to audience on entry - some are even quite stylish}
Dub, Mar 18 2009

       um, ok.
pashute, Mar 18 2009

       [+] Simple, cool, elegant, and therefore must have been baked by someone...

       aw man, it's like someone looked into my head and made it real! Gotta admit it does look cool though
simonj, Mar 19 2009

       Baked and used by Sheila E (a Prince protege) in the 80's. I can't seem to find a video, but as I remember she did a solo on a snare and pumped the light in thru fiberoptic cables.
MisterQED, Mar 20 2009


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