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Knife Toaster

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Between the two slots of this otherwise conventional toaster is a wedge that culminates in a very sharp blade. The blade is given extra cutting power by virtue of either a vibration motor, or ultrasonics. Probably ultrasonics, because ultrasonic knives are cool.

The blade is retracted by a lever when not in use.

When faced with a bagel or bread roll that one wishes to slice in two and then toast, now the two operations can be performed in one. Simply press the bread item gently onto the blade, whereupon it is bifurcated, each half falling directly into the corresponding toasting aperture.

mitxela, Nov 27 2018


       I think you mean "bisected". Bifurcation would imply leaving a fork in the item cut. So it would be a knife and fork toaster.
pertinax, Nov 30 2018


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