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Knowing what to say to Dignitaries/Celebrities.

A school theme/subject : Preparation for meeting Your Idol / a Celebrity.
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Schools should prepare students for the eventuality of them meeting their Idol, or a Celebrity, in a live, real world setting/situation.

Therefore a theme in a couple of lessons/classes, should include mock-up situations, of the student meeting, and talking to, one of their personal Idols, or a Celebrity.

This would make for an exsercise in regular verbal skills, including forming an active selection of frases and words that expresses admiration, public speaking, appreciation of personal traits and deeds/performances/virtues, and will result in less hysteria projected towards the Public Figures, as the public/their fans, would be more at terms with direct, personal, interaction, and they would, jointly, form a more aligned, less media based/hyped, interaction interface and emotional perception.

This would force journalists, in turn, to bring better, more informative/detailed/less static/less stereo-typed information. Particularly paparazzi photographers would have to up their language and form towards such Public Figures, as their audience would require more tact, and more sensible behavoir.

sirau, Jun 03 2011

Diana Gould meets a dignitary and knows what she wants to say. http://www.youtube....watch?v=rWOy23MLY1I
[DrBob, Jun 04 2011]

Dennis Pennis http://www.youtube....watch?v=v654Jh5Z9uI
He knows what to say to celebrities too. [DrBob, Jun 04 2011]

'Popular Capatalism' - a dignitaries take on 'Consumer Power' http://youtu.be/6IChzzAPT7k
Phrasing and spin - the real world implication of the true meaning should be dealt with. [sirau, Jun 05 2011]


       Queue [zen_tom] anti-celebrity rant...
theleopard, Jun 03 2011

       Actually, [theleopard] I'm less vitriolic on the whole thing these days - I think we must be wired to look to a pantheon of individuals who act-out the full range of human experience on our behalf. I'm sure there is a more than a coincidental correlation between what the Classical Gods of Greece got up to and say, the latest revelations over today's pantheon of footballers, popstars, rogues and strippers. And the pool of active Gods is constantly being stirred, so that today's Aphrodite may come tomorrow's Athena, depending on whether they get the X-Factor contract or not.
zen_tom, Jun 03 2011

       "Ah, Mister Bond ... I've been expecting you."
8th of 7, Jun 03 2011

       Might be better to teach them preparation for meetings with people who have the power to give them what they want but no inclination to do so.
calum, Jun 03 2011

       There should also be classes for future celebrities, to teach them appropriate ways of interacting with plebes. Of course this would mean classifying people, quite early, into one or the other category. There would be classes in forelock-tugging and the proper, gracious way to speak to servants.
mouseposture, Jun 03 2011

       In fact it would be even better to teach them how to talk to regular people! (I've met celebrities, and most of them are just regular people- though having to keep up a *front* at times.)
xandram, Jun 03 2011

       A personal portable teleprompter?
Grogster, Jun 05 2011

       I spoken with my favourite artist and my favourite journalist and we became pen pals for a while. the secret was to be engaging. Act as a person who will could potentially entertain them, rather than as a devoted fanatic seeking to be entertained.
bob, Jun 05 2011

       What works best is just relaxing and being yourself, and not being totally fawning. Total fawners annoy me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2011

       (OK, a little fawning is always appreciated.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2011

       //not being totally fawning// So, give us a percent, and we'll see what we can do. Our rates are reasonable.
mouseposture, Jun 05 2011

       sp. "Cue", [theleopard].   

       //there is a more than a coincidental correlation//   

       True, but not necessarily a good thing, [zen_tom]. See Euripides. Maybe I'll have to take over the anti-celebrity ranter role, if you've lost the stomach for it.   

       //interacting with plebes//   

       That phrase suggests a clean compile followed by a run-time error, [mouseposture]. That is to say, it means something, but not what you wanted it to mean. To interact with plebes is to interact with several entire national proletariats. You're thinking of interacting with a number of individual plebeians.   

       Hint: there is no singular "pleb". No, really, you're just imagining it. "plebs" is a singular word which happens to end in "s", like "this", but the singular item it refers to is a single set with a largish cardinality. The elements of this set are the individual plebeians, and...   

       Where did everyone go? I was going to do autographs later.
pertinax, Jun 06 2011

       There there, pertinax. I'm listening. Plebes in that context made me whince a little, too.   

       I got a small part in a local TV series once. I turned up on the set, having never seen an episode. On meeting one of the stars - whom I failed to recognise - I asked her, "So, what do you do?" We got on famously after that.   

       //Cue// Queue could be a jussive subjunctive, commanding the rant to wait in line.
spidermother, Jun 06 2011

       Thank you, [spidermother].
pertinax, Jun 06 2011

       'meeting Paris Hilton, in the dusk, all alone, and no fiece Tinkerbell to deterr interaction,,   

       I would have asked her : ' So, what is it that you 'can', 'will', and 'do',??', 'Smile !', 'Oh, that simple,..', 'Yiehs, That's basically what i do , Smile !', 'You want me to smile ?', 'yiehs ,, please,..', 'OK -', a smile, 'Ah, that helped me a lot,,..', 'Me also, -', 'The shortest crash course in 'making 'Bread '', ' Yeihs, I charge X million doll's for a course like that,,', 'Oh, so now I owe you ??', 'No, just smile, silly,,!',,..   

sirau, Jun 06 2011

       Utterly baked - Finishing schools.
Twizz, Jun 07 2011

       //See Euripides// - Wasn't Euripides accused of convincing men that the God's didn't exist? And by extension, wasn't he blamed for the rising decadence and general moral turpitude of the time?   

       So by that measure, maybe we *should* be encouraging the proles to worship celebrities; They get something to gawp at on a Saturday night, and are provided with a moral narrative from which they can glean useful life-lessons. The only problem is that the whole celebrity function has been muscled in on by private interests - what we should have is some kind of National Celebrity Pantheon, a list of Government Sanctioned celebrities who would be licenced to play out their lives in public, highlighting current trends in Government Health, Farming, Social and Foreign policy, a bit like Eastenders, The Archers, or North Korea - only glitzier and with more dancing. The Problem with Nationalisation is it's difficult to make it cool.   

       Is it possible that Gods are/were the stories handed down about local dignitaries/celebrities' interactions and experiences, which, as Civilisations have grown, have become homogonised out to the more generalised Monotheistic deities that predominate today? Only now, as technology has wrested the grip of the Social Microphone from the Monotheistic Organisations that have held it for the last 1700 years, we're going full circle back to The Pantheon, as the generally accepted Celestial Model for the proletariat.
zen_tom, Jun 07 2011


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