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Kong for a day

A cityscape of scaled-down buildings and little planes
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You can rampage through the reduced-sized town, tearing up elevated rail lines, throwing half-foot-tall dolls around, getting shot at with harmless pellets.

Towards the end you can climb the side of a building, grab a sexy doll in your fist and start swatting little planes out of the air.

In the end you decide - are you the misunderstood big-hearted beast who leaps off the building and dies for the love of the little sexy girl doll in your fist (air cushioned, of course), do you defeat every plane and play the love conquers all angle, or do you decide, f*** this, this tiny chick ain't worth the hassle, put her back, climb down and go home?

Either way, it's great fun, good excercize, and puts you on the other end of the beastiality question, if you like.

(addendum: Bakable at Legoland, with an automated system for rebuilding the cityscape)

globaltourniquet, Jul 24 2007

Madurodam http://www.igougo.c...nal_photos/eed5.jpg
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Kong for a day in video game format. [Jinbish, Jul 24 2007]

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       Kongsiderable fun +
xenzag, Jul 24 2007

       And a pun, too. [+]   

       [marked-for-tagline] "puts you on the other end of the beastiality question"
nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007

       Calvin and Hobbes-esque. [+]
imaginality, Jul 24 2007

       Will I be able to throw barrels down slopes where a dwarf has to jump over them?
marklar, Jul 25 2007

       I'm so into this I want to bun it twice.
Noexit, Jul 26 2007

       what a delightful idea! and so much better than your non-gay accidental-staring "I don't like you like that" gesture idea. : )
k_sra, Aug 22 2007

       This would be awesome if the city was made of waffle cones
simonj, Apr 28 2010

wagster, Apr 28 2010


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