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identity for grabs

get arrested illegally
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Instead of going to an amusement park to step out of your ordinary life and experience inpredictable things, take things into your own hands.

Publish your biometrical information in high resolution on your webpage and wait what to see happens. A unique, tailor- made experience, you bet.

Criminals can then use your fingerprints and iris-scan to falsify official documents. Go the airport and you get a free flight to Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Smile and sing the song "it wasn't me" all the time. Treat all the detectives, guards and other prisoners as employees of an amusement park.

The whole experience will be on the expense of the taxpayers.

Make sure to keep a copy of your webserver's logfile of visitors to keep the legal upper hand.

rrr, Jul 23 2004


       I like it. Sort of a “Let’s get Paranoid” game. Credit companies and law enforcement are really after you, but it’s fine, because you know it’s all bogus. Eventually you are arrested for a variety of crimes you didn’t commit, and you rub your hands together, anticipating making a fine income by claiming false imprisonment...until the “Let’s get” game is discovered on your computer. Then the government sues you for wasting their time and resources. And then you’re really in hot water, but by that time you are too mentally unhinged to care.
ldischler, Jul 23 2004

       So where did you publish your pin?
scubadooper, Jul 23 2004

       ldischler, it is not illegal to disclose all personal information about yourself. If the authorities choose to waste their time you really should say "it is not me, I am just somebody who published all his personal information on the web, check it yourself." If they choose not to listen, it is their bad judgement.
rrr, Jul 26 2004

       This is great because you can publish other people's biometrical information and, therefore, get rid of them.   

       After all, my sister's boyfriend kept about complaining his life being too boring.
Pericles, Jul 26 2004


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