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LCD Infrared bar code film

Place film between LCD screen and infrared bar code reader
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Make a standard grocery store IR bar code reader work with a bar code on a LCD display. A film that could be put in between the scanner and the LCD display that would modify the laser's diffusion enough to make the technologies usable together.
clamwich, Oct 16 2009


       Could you provide a few more clues? Why is it currently not possible to hold a LCD-generated barcode up to the scanner? Is the pixelation a problem?
loonquawl, Oct 16 2009

       I'm calling shenanigans. An infrared barcode reader?   

       There's nothing stopping a standard (laser-based) barcode reader from reading a barcode on a display.
phoenix, Oct 16 2009

       yahbut why ? if you've an LCD screen showing a barcode, then you have an electronic instrument that can be directly plugged in to the reader side.
FlyingToaster, Oct 16 2009

       (you might be testing either barcode generating software or a barcode reader)
phoenix, Oct 16 2009


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