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LCD clock

just different enough....
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I was thinking about my swirl mood clock when an idea hit me, why not use an LCD panel to create this swirling effect. okay heres how this one goes, you have a non digital clock, you know the quartz movement, yadda yadda... Well the face of the clock is an LCD panel. On the back of the clock is a hidden intake drive, you go on the internet and download swirling backgrounds and use the memory sticks from digital cameras... theoretically these memory sticks would be the correct size in their depth as compared to the size of the clock. Perhaps different corperations could benefit from this, like the movie industry, they could put up down loads of posters from your favorite movies... even fight scenes for a moving back ground. maybe even create your own on photo shop. the sky is the limit!
Urban Kayaker, Jul 11 2004


       while it's a bit to much trouble for just a swirl clock, I do like the idea of creating my own clock faces from day to day... perhaps use WIFI instead of a memory stick though, it's cheap enough these days that (after the lcd) it wouldn't add that much to the cost and would be much easier to use.. (just treat the clock as a remote drive and upload the clock faces from a wifi pc)
photojunkie, Jul 12 2004

       yanno, i never thought of that
Urban Kayaker, Jul 12 2004


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