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Never blurry clock

Near sighted? Far sighted? No problem
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Tired of waking up, wondering what time it is, because your eyes are too crappy, and you're too lazy to move the clock closer to your bed?

This is a digital clock equipped with eye tracking, so it can detect when someone is looking at it. Upon which it projects an image of the current time directly into the user's eyes, not unlike how a digital projector projects a sharp image from across the room. Might make for a great alarm clock or dream inducer, too.

InfinitiesLoop, Nov 23 2013


       set up the clock with a lens system that constantly and randomly changes focus. the deluxe version includes astigmatism correction.
sninctown, Nov 23 2013

       Can they do that these days? I haven't seen any examples of direct-on-retina displays yet, and I'm too lazy to Google it.
ytk, Nov 23 2013

       THE BEDROOM   

       He: My eyes! My eyes! They burn! Oh they burn!   

       She: Shad up. You don't have to go to work now, that that stupid clock has blinded you. Again!
popbottle, Nov 23 2013

       [+] pretty good, I like [sinctown]'s idea, too. I was thinking that it had a diopter like my camera, so I could just set it for my eyes.
Welcome to the hb!
xandram, Nov 25 2013


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