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LCD/OLED + Camera as Iris Replacement

Implant a solar-powered LCD/OLED screen and camera with image transceiver into the eye(s)
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Once we have the ability to create small enough LCD and OLED screens, video transceivers and cameras with zoom function and DSP, we would have the ability to cure a few not so uncommon eye problems and at the same time give our eyes an upgrade or two. Imagine being able to zoom into a smaller field of view and see a star up close or a paper from far away without binoculars, or open your view up to have a wider periferal view. Imagine being able to have a computer screen or the info from your PDA overlayed onto the world you are viewing. Imagine being able to see heat or infrared and ultraviolet light. Imagine computer gaming in full 3D and imagine being able to have a "gadgets" or "widgets" tool bar at the sides of your vision. This would require: 1. a very adjustable camera per implant 2. a very high resolution (preferably oled) screen and focusing optics 3. a top surface contoured similar to the natural eye 4. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for gathering the images from the camera and from other devices and redisplaying the world with overlayed icons and text 5. accelerometer for finding where you are looking (for mouse functionality) 6. a transceiver for getting the external images and video from a computer or maybe a specially designed PDA or watch. And also for transmitting what you see to be recorded or further processed (optional) 7. some kind of battery or system to generate needed power from the movement of blood through your eye or solar cells around the lens of the camera

When done, the new system would auto iris, auto focus, and be controlled by movement of the eyes, blinking, and a watch (or not). Computer monitors would no longer be nessesary, personal information will not be displayed for thers to see, Identification of a person could be done by transmitting a code to their eye-watch's serial number and they could read it back to you. All transmitions can be hardware encrypted. A video conference can be had with headphones and a camera on the eye-watch facing you. Also smaller things like caller ID from bluetooth phone, live television, stock market ticker, e-mail status... The possibilities are almost endless...

Then we can get ear implants to hear too... maybe using Dr. Flanagan's tecnique (see "Neurophone")

When can I get mine!??!?!

DariusThePile, Mar 08 2007

The first step http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/6368089.stm
It's amazing what the brain can do with only 16 pixels [TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 09 2007]

One of the many ideas to take it forward http://news.bbc.co..../health/1750495.stm
If you can still use the lens then you could laminate a CCD on top of the implant and do away with the camera in the glasses thing. [TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 09 2007]


       Ok, I changed my vote from- to +. But damn it, the eyes are supposed to be the mirror of your soul! Still, it is great material for a scifi book. But damn it, how could I ever love a person with such cold eyes. Still it would be intruiging(sp?). Oh blast you have my bun, now go and post some less confusing ideas will you?.
zeno, Mar 09 2007

       This is an idea I've played around with in my head for ages. I originally thought about it as a "contact lens", and that thought still has merits, but considering the developments (see links), your take is how I've more recently seen it being developed.   

       I love the idea of having an internal heads-up display. With developments in ubiquitous personal assistant technology, you could have pattern recognition that would avoid the embarrassment of having to ask a business partner you haven't talked to in two years the same questions you asked them two years ago:   

       "Morning..." [matching records...] "... Anne, it's good to see you" [scrolling down...] "How are your kids, it's June and Peter, isn't it? Though I guess Peter will be at University by now..." [unresolved actions...] "...Oh, by the way, did that manufacturing tweak I recommended work? Oh good, I'll be glad to help again if you have any other problems, we're always looking for consultancy opportunities." [embarrassing facts to address...] "... Oh, Peter? Yes, he moved on quite a while ago, thankfully, as it turns out he was sleeping with about a third of his clients..." [which is the reason Anne has avoided your company like the plague for the last two years] etc etc.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 09 2007

       // getting the external images from a computer or maybe a specially designed PDA or watch// so when the system's power goes down you go blind?
sweet, Mar 10 2007


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