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goggle bra

My eyes are down here
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This fashion accessory and social talking point consists of two main components wired together.

1. VR headset type thing that covers and conceals the user's eyes and presents a tiny screen to each eye. The goggles also incorporate eye-tracking detectors so that it knows what direction each eye independently is looking in.

2. A strap around the user's chest which incorporates two realistic motorised swivelling eyeballs mounted directly in front of the user's nipples. Each contains a camera. Each camera feeds the headset goggles.

The user thus views the world from a widely spaced chest height viewpoint. People wishing to converse with the user need to look down to see into their eyes.

Perhaps best if everyone in a given social situation is wearing the device.

pocmloc, Sep 01 2021

medial longitudinal fasciculus https://www.quora.c...-eyes-move-together
[Voice, Sep 01 2021]

https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Headless_men This is the kind of look I'm thinking of [pocmloc, Sep 01 2021]

My_20Eyes_20Are_20Up_20Here_20Pendant inspiration [pocmloc, Sep 01 2021]


       I'm not sure I want a view of everyone's nostrils.
Voice, Sep 01 2021

       // it knows what direction each eye independently is looking in.//   

       Wouldn't you have to surgically separate a muscle to allow your eyes to track independently?
Voice, Sep 01 2021

       My eyes don't look in parallel all the time, they converge if I am looking at something very close.
pocmloc, Sep 01 2021

       I'm trying to picture if this would help or hinder social interactions with a neighbor of ours. He's not actually a dwarf, but his eye level is roughly the same as my wife's nipple-level. His name is Richard but she calls him Little Dick.   

       So... if his cameras are at HIS nipple-height, he'd usually be navel gazing? Or REALLY strain his neck to make eye contact with anyone?
a1, Sep 01 2021


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