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Wall-mounted lighting element with Tetris capability
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Do you know those fancy 3×3 multicolour LED lightings (squares with sides of 25 to 50 cm)? Do you remember Blinkenlights? Do you like Tetris?

How cool would it be to combine these three ideas into a wall-mounted lamp with 10×20 LED elements that has a slider below (for horizontal movement) and a dial/knob at the right (for spinning) in order to make it possible to play Tetris on it?! Of course other simple games (think Pong or Breakout) would be possible, too or instead. When nobody is playing the device would work as an ordinary lamp / illumination element, perhaps with smooth colour changing and fading.

According to the Wikipedia article, a Tetris clone can be written with just 19 lines of C code or in just 256 bytes of Assembler, so a cheap controller should be possible. Scores may scroll across the “screen” after the game is over, but you can also get recognizable unambiguous arabic decimal digits at as few as 2×3 pixels (plus spacing) – roman letters require more of course.

Crissov, Feb 16 2007

finally baked http://www.youtube....watch?v=v56zLOqhjV4
Arduino LED table project [Crissov, Feb 01 2013]


       That was one of my first programs was tetris for my TI-83. I made it work but it was slow. There was a few things I could have done different. My version was unnecessarly complicated but there is really only so much you could do with that language.   

       Thanks for the memories.
MercuryNotMars, Feb 17 2007

       The slider + knob should be on a remote. +
csea, Feb 17 2007


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