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Powerpoint Tetris

Tetris game crossed with MS Powerpoint
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You start off the game with a blank presentation screen with a nice background of graduated blue tones. Happy computer game music tinkles as your first title block slides on to the screen. You grab that and slide it to the bottom of screen, just as a photo of a hot air balloon slides down into view. You grab that and position it over in the far right corner and as you do that another image slides on the screen- this time it's a photo of kids. If you can position all the elements successfully like Tetris you move on to the next screen. Each level increases in speed and variety of elements to arrange. The simple backgrounds give way to more distracting and complex compositions. Odd shaped charts and graphs now need to be positioned. The music gets edgier. Advanced levels feature the added distraction of animated and talking components. If you play on your office computer it looks like you are actually working.
wombat, Sep 21 2003


       I'd much rather play regular tetris through the computer projector...but avoiding work is avoiding work. Kudos.
Overpanic, Sep 21 2003

       Would this product feature live application involvement? Example: that dull terminal emulator window, which still needs to be checked periodically, shows up as one of the objects to be manipulated, with the occasional system clock or email delivery notification thrown in as appropriate.
MikeHolio, Sep 22 2003

       You should be able to delete non-compositional elements that pop up like notifications and fake junk pop-ups as part of this game.
wombat, Sep 22 2003


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