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Potassium vapour lamp

A nicer colour than sodium
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I´m sure someone is going to tell me why these don´t exist. Go on then.
I suppose i should give some explanation. Sodium vapour lamps are a horrible colour but are tuned to the maximum sensitivity of most people´s eyesight. I propose that there be another option, if feasible, of potassium vapour lamps, allowing violet light, either for use alone or in conjunction with other lamps to improve the colour.
nineteenthly, Dec 17 2008

Solid state lighting via quantum dots? http://www.american...nts.com/tecate.html
[daseva, Dec 18 2008]


       //but are tuned to the maximum sensitivity of most people´s eyesight//
Really? Something with a tad more green would be more appropriate, shirley?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 17 2008

       Yes, i expect they would, but presumably borax or whatever isn´t practical. I imagine sodium´s the nearest they can get to it. Then again, i´m looking at a convincing white light made out of coloured lights this moment and it works, so i don´t know, probably low-maintenance, power consumption or something.
nineteenthly, Dec 17 2008

       It's got something to do with the molten and vapourised sodium coexisting peacefully with the glass enclosure it is heated in.
neelandan, Dec 18 2008

       I was under the impression that sodium vapor lamps were supposed to not give off much glare.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 18 2008

       Well, it appears the maximum sensitivity rests at either 565 or 560 nm. Perhaps, cadmium telluride quantum dots? <linky>
daseva, Dec 18 2008


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