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LED scrotum implants

Bright, possibly multi-colored flickering LED lights, implanted in the scrotum.
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There's almost literally a party in my pants.

Amuse your sexual partner with these highly fashionable mood-enhancing implants.

Inspired by those cellphones/toy balls/yoyos/rubbery worm things/dildo's which have bright LED lights inside them which starts to flicker in all sorts of wild colors when stimulated. Your scrotum (or possibly your shaft or tip, train of thought on that stops here) would be implanted with the same kind of bright LED lights which would start to flicker (or possibly slowly change color, depending on the type of sex you're about to have, ie wild or romantic) when aroused.

The Duke, Mar 26 2008

Would the Prince Albert option let you see where you're peeing? http://www.thinkgee...meoffice/gear/8122/
...thusly. [DrCurry, Mar 26 2008]

Prosthetic vibrating testicle Prosthetic_20vibrating_20testicle
A similar idea [Aq_Bi, Mar 30 2008]

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       And continuing with your sterilisation theme...   

       I really quite like this idea, despite it's inadvisability. You would need an induction charger for it, like an electric toothbrush - possibly hidden in the bed or sofa.
wagster, Mar 26 2008

       Anyone else thinking KITT from Knightrider?   

       Cos if you are - then you are a *sicko*   

Jinbish, Mar 26 2008

       Well, one slant on this, perhaps with a bit of a benfrostian slant would be to employ UV LED's.   

       Topical sterilisation where you need it most.
Custardguts, Mar 26 2008

       //You would need an induction charger for it//
..or a shake to charge system...
Ling, Mar 26 2008

       "Do you balls light up, do they wobble to and fro..."   

       I want running lights along my winky! (But not quite so much as to get implants, yech.)
DrCurry, Mar 26 2008

       Disco balls.
phoenix, Mar 26 2008

       Fit them to dogs - So they can have their own equivalent of Cat's-eyes (It'll also reduce the number of road-accidents involving dogs)   

       also, Tail lights?
Dub, Mar 26 2008

       //Do you wear underear on both your heads, [duke]? If so, how do you tell them apart?// One presumes that that necessity was the mother of this invention.
4whom, Mar 26 2008

       It's challenging enough to shave down there already, this would surely complicate matters.
normzone, Mar 26 2008

       You know, with a pair of white or other light coloured pants on you might become quite like a firefly.   

       Got a question though, can you turn the lights off when you don't want them flashing. Like when trying to sleep?
Noexit, Mar 26 2008

       Or when acting in a doublet and tights?
shapu, Mar 26 2008

       This is so sick and so wrong in so many ways. [+]
Klaatu, Mar 26 2008

       It's a wonder why evolution didn't think of this herself.
quantum_flux, Mar 27 2008

       I think it should chance between blue and red, depending on elevation. Thin pants would allow onlookers to gauge your climactic comfort.   

       Throw another log on, our guest is looking a tad on the blue side!
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 28 2008


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