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LED solar skylight

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A panel of LED lights within a diffuser. Slots for batteries in the diffuser frame. The panel could be attached to a ceiling giving the appearance of skylight, or it could be attached or suspended from and surface. No cutting of the wall would be required, and the device would be light enough that simple fasteners or adhesives would adequately hold it in place. It could be hard-wired to a small solar panel mounted anywhere outside, or even by a window. With solar alone, it would function as a true skylight, glowing brighter as the sun was stronger, and dimming with clouds or at the end of day.
mobiledan, Mar 06 2011


       They've got these. I'm surprised you don't see them more 'cause it seems like a neat idea.   

       Kind of busy to look for the link right now but they're out there.
doctorremulac3, Mar 06 2011

       [ ] I've seen single-tube fluorescents battery-powered. And (most notably) there are "sun panels": a bunch of fluorescents built into a frame mains-powered. Pretty sure they'd have the latter in LED's, maybe not battery-powered though.
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2011


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