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LTA Bunker

Lighter than air bunker
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This massive concrete-bunker's huge walls are filled with helium balloons (within the walls, not inside the bunker area) so that the bunker can easily be floated to the war zone or away from it.

Since we obviously are on our way towards a longstanding world peace, it will never need to actually be tried, and can be sold to the War Memorial Museum (in memory of the long forgotten wars people used to make against each other), making the owners rich and fat.

pashute, Mar 29 2014


       [-] for encouraging the waste of helium.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2014

       [+] for encouraging the waste of helium.
the porpoise, Mar 29 2014

       [-] for encouraging waste of concrete
DIYMatt, Mar 30 2014

       [+] for encouraging the waste of annotations.
ytk, Mar 30 2014

       [marked-for-deletion] bad spelling.
FlyingToaster, Mar 30 2014

       Why not hydrogen?
pocmloc, Mar 30 2014

       [+] Well, I liked it.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 30 2014

       The tricky thing is that the walls are actually fiberboard, treated on the outside to simulate concrete. And it does not actually float. However it could float and looks like concrete from a distance.   

       Get those War Memorial Museum suckers good and drunk before you go visit it to discuss terms.
bungston, Mar 30 2014

       Mylar, printed to look like concrete (as well as being tromp l'oeil to disguise the bulges). A combination of titanium struts and carbon nanofiber bracing helps maintain some actual squareness.   

       And the walls need to occupy 95% of the volume.   

       And the only occupant is a very small person who suffers from the canine psychiatric condition called "Jack Russell Disease" (and who looks suspiciously quadrupedal and hairy - in a wiry kind of way).   

       In spite of the mad glint in the pilot's obsessive little eyes, someone entering might get suspicious at this point.   

       (And the President? You're a democracy. They're ten a penny. Lose one today, and by this afternoon you can get yourself a new one. The cabinet could be put down with the cat.)   

       This is starting to sound like one of those messages from the dog to the cat. In a little rush of megalomania, [+].
skoomphemph, Mar 31 2014

       Yeah, my account biography still says "helium-filled anything". [-]
baconbrain, Mar 31 2014

       I like the use of tramp oil. Keeps the tramps employed.
bungston, Mar 31 2014

       It would be propelled by a flying toaster.   

       Thanks for the (re)mark. I correct ed.
pashute, Apr 01 2014

       //propelled by a flying toaster// It most certainly is not.
FlyingToaster, Apr 01 2014

       ok, not. But the walls are thick enough if you ever change your mind.
pashute, Apr 26 2014


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