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L'il Ad Zepplin

Mini blimps as billboards
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Create L'il Ad Zepplins (L-Ad Zepplins for short) to advertise products or services along the interstate. These minature blimps would get more visibility than a tethered baloon since they would be moving. The zepplins would include a GPS system and be programmed to fly a specific path up and down the interstate. The zepplins would have solar panels on them to recharge the battery during the day and there would be a small light on either side to display the advertisement at night.
MyDNA, Nov 05 2004

"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies....." http://www.google.c...safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG
Dark image, but a great movie [normzone, Nov 05 2004]

MiniZepp Skymedia http://www.minizepp.com/English.html
(Click on the RC Blimps button when the page loads.) These folks seem to be thinking along the same lines as the author, but their limitation seems to be the battery life needed to sustain the radio controls. While solar panels would solve the problem for exterior daylight flights, it wouldn't help when used in indoor arena locations or night-time exterior conditions. [jurist, Nov 05 2004]

The Horror of Blimps http://www.teemings...uelife/scylla6.html
Demonstrating why the billboards would make lousy housepets. [Trout, Nov 05 2004]


       Preheated, albeit not baked, in "Bladerunner".
normzone, Nov 05 2004

       OMG! That link to "the horror of blimps" was fucking hilarious!!!!1!!one!1 I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! GOd the two people next to me were laughing at ME cus I was laughing at it! I laughed for like 14 minutes! hahaahahahahaha!!
EvilPickels, Nov 05 2004

       Pickels... I agree with the sentiment entirely, but could you avoid the swearing and blasphemy?
david_scothern, Nov 06 2004


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