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Internal Projection Blimp

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Simple idea really. Suspend two high output LCD projectors inside one of the newer all white type blimps. Each one projecting at opposite sides. Better resolution than the Goodyear blimps stick on LEDs. Sorta like Blade Runner.
Spare parts, Jul 20 2004

Overview of blimp components and terms http://travel.howst...orks.com/blimp1.htm
Yes, "dirigible" means steerable. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Saturn Lightship http://www.saturn.c...news/a01press10.jsp
[waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Blimps v. Dirigibles http://www.aerospac...history/q0169.shtml
other interesting history here too. [zigness, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Baking Right Now: 21st Century Airships http://www.21stcent...PLOADS/picts_18.jpg
These guys are pretty much there. [land, Oct 26 2005]


       would the skeletal frame inside the blimp obscure parts of the display? they aren't just filled with gas like a balloon, they have a supportive frame right? i've yet to take a blimp apart, so i don't really know.
xclamp, Jul 20 2004

       well, croissant from me then assuming the air bags don't get in the way (+).   

       is that the distinction between a blimp and a dirigible?
xclamp, Jul 20 2004

       Mmmm, nice. The picture could be made to scroll backwards along the blimp so as to appear stationary as the blimp moves forward.
hippo, Jul 20 2004

       I question whether or not the envelope material is translucent. With helium, the gas permeability, or lack of it, is vital to the operation of the ship and suggests that the material is doped with solids or lined with a membrane that is opaque or nearly so.
bristolz, Jul 20 2004

       Could do an inner-outer hull sort of thing.   

       Anyway, blimps are dirigibles, because they have bags but no frame. Zeppelins were airships with rigid metal frames. So there's your difference.
shapu, Jul 21 2004

       Opaque? have you seen the goodyear blimp at night? It's lit up from the inside.
Freefall, Jul 21 2004

       Is it? I can't remember.
bristolz, Jul 21 2004

       Semi-baked: During Cirque du Soleil's show "Varekai", which I saw in the US, they had a large roundish balloon, lit from inside, floating around above the stage, live video projected on the surface... but from the *inside*. There apeared to be a small bright light source... miniature projection TV (LCD) type thing I assume. It was absolutely stunning. I couldn't see it being supported by cables, but probably was (too small to contain enough helium to carry a battery-operated projection system). The stage area was relatively dark, which made it easier to see.
musicator, Jul 21 2004

       I like the idea because it seems to make more sense than the low resolution LEDs that are on the blimbs and even the signs in Times Square. The only problem that I see with it is that this can only be used at night. A friend of mine has one of those projectors and it's damn near impossible to see anythiing during the day unless you block all light coming into the room. Not a bad idea for the SuperBowl or Monday Night Football though.
holophile, Jul 21 2004

       Looking around it seems like this has been thought of many times but not ever executed as you describe due to the internal structure of the blimp. I'm going to croissant this anyway as it's a great idea. Would it be possible to keep the buoyancy gasbags (love that word) at the front and back? This would leave a central helium filled space for projection.
wagster, Jul 22 2004

       The Saturn Lightship is illuminated from the inside as well. (see link) Not sure if it's translucent enough to allow projection from the inside to be clearly visible, though.
waugsqueke, Jul 22 2004

       I've found a couple other balloons that are lighted from inside, but I'm skeptical that you'd be able to actually project an image on to the skin from inside.
phoenix, Jul 22 2004

       Perhaps a scanning laser on the inside would be cool... could be a fun light show.   

       <voice of police operator> Hello, 911... what's the nature of your emergency? <vopo>   

       <voice of drunk redneck just in from a frog gig> We're being invaded... there's a damn UFO landing out on the front lawn... wait... I'll get a picture... Hey! Cledus! How the hell do you focus this damn thing?? <vodrjifafg>   

       <cledus> Just take it anyway! Before it leaves! <c>
zigness, Jul 23 2004


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