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Helps you find the right box in that vexing stack of boxes
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A small label printing utility that ships with special die-cut sheets of adhesive labels for labeling the 3 sides of a box corner so that a box can be better identified when in a stack of boxes.
bristolz, Oct 06 2004

Illustration http://bz.pair.com/fun/labelobox.html
[bristolz, Oct 06 2004]


       Genius, suineG
Surely Avery/MS/someone could do that.
neilp, Oct 06 2004

       This is so bake-able! Still a great idea, even after reposting.
Klaatu, Oct 06 2004

       Still love this one - it didn't survive the recovery?
DrCurry, Oct 06 2004

       I used this idea on the last package I sent, hope that's okay.   

       Great, but even better if rotated so you didn't have to tear it when you opened the box.
ldischler, Oct 06 2004

       Waugs pointed out that same thing when this was originally posted, Mr. Dischler. I countered that this way let you know if the box had been opened but see the value either way.   

       Any printing utility worth its weight in electrons would allow you to re-orient the label.
bristolz, Oct 06 2004

       It's disturbing that I'm thinking like wags.
ldischler, Oct 06 2004

       First the excellent drawings and now photoshop? You're spoiling us all, Bristolz ;) +
yamahito, Oct 06 2004

       What I appreciate is that you even worked out the correct orientation of the printing on all of the die-cut labels on the master sheet in your illustration. I would have probably fumbled around for hours trying to get all the "L"-shaped pieces to layout most efficiently.
jurist, Oct 06 2004

       bristolz, your a genius!
DesertFox, Oct 06 2004

       Glad you restored this one. Among your best, sez I.
waugsqueke, Oct 06 2004

       Thanks! Well, everything else I did, ever, got restored so. . . .
bristolz, Oct 07 2004

       DesertFox, You better be cautious when you call bris an anything. (Your a genius, kind of implies,in a crude sort of way, she has one hidden in her closet and only lets em out on occassion).   

       She might soflty say to you, if in the mood and in the mind to, "[DesertFox], I hope you mean "you're a genius".   

       Oh well, just a guess, and a cheap way to say hi to the mistress of moderation, and to let her know, how much she was missed.
blissmiss, Oct 07 2004

       Yeah, this was good. +
sartep, Oct 08 2004

       Never seen this one before - top marks [bris]! Doesn't really need another croissant, but I'll toss one on the pile anyway.   

       [ldischler] - you mean waugs I hope...
wagster, Jul 19 2005

       Wow. I only just found this while on safari in the product: category. I was hunting lions but seem to have found a unicorn instead.   

       Was there a proposal for a list of "ideal" or "example" ideas to be compiled?   

Custardguts, Oct 21 2008


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