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Rounded Brace Brackets

For brace-wearing brass players.
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I play trumpet. And I have braces. When I practice and rehearse, the mouthpiece on my lips caused the jagged surface of the brackets to dig into the inside of my mouth.

Solution? Smooth Brace Brackets! Once the orthodontist is done stringing the braces with wire to tighten them, he/she puts a smooth plastic cap over them to help with practicing and other brace-related annoyances.

BinaryCookies, Aug 28 2002

Invisalign braces http://www.invisali...xplore/what_is.html
A smooth plastic cap that replaces metallic braces. [jurist, Aug 28 2002]


       My son had this same problem. And when the braces were finally taken off, his playing style fell apart again.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2002

       I had a similar difficulty with the clarinet. Bun for you.   

       Incidentally, your opening two sentences sound like a confession at a meeting of brace wearing trumpet players anonymous (BWTPA).
madradish, Aug 28 2002

       For me, it was the boyfriend I had difficulty with.
bristolz, Aug 28 2002

       No comment
thumbwax, Aug 28 2002

       I had a similar thought about a year ago when I got my braces. I see why some edges need to be sharply defined but there certainly seems to be room for improvement.   

       They told me that the wax was supposed to help with such problems but, I have yet to use any. I guess it's a good time to have absolutely no musical talent.
half, Aug 28 2002

       I thought Invisalign braces (link) were invented just for this reason. Whether they will improve your musical ability or make your boyfriends less annoying, though, you should still consult your orthodontist, bristolz, and thumbwax..In that order.
jurist, Aug 28 2002

       I read an interview where they asked Tom Cruise why he didn't choose braces on the inside of his teeth.   

       When I got braces, I had to stop playing the trumpet and eating candy, and I haven't done either since then (40 years).
FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2002

       my piano lessons came to an abrupt halt
po, Aug 28 2002

       This isn't about leg braces, po.
FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2002

       my brother played trombone and used strips of wax sold specifically for this purpose
chud, Aug 28 2002

       [DrCurry], thanks for your support. Now I'm afraid to get them off.   

       [madradish], its American Student Band Geek Union. (ASBDU)   

       [Jurist], Invisalign were invented for the primary purpose of adults needing ortho work. Using them in children would be much expensive for most dental plans and parent's pocketbooks.   

       [half], I tried wax, but it grew costly(dental wax is overpriced) and messy.
BinaryCookies, Aug 29 2002

       Sorry, BC, to have misunderstood. I thought you were old enough to have graduated into your permanent teeth...for which there is little expense that is "too much" to ensure that they look good, feel good, work good. Trust me on this one, kiddo.
jurist, Aug 29 2002

       I got my first installment of braces the same day as a choir concert. Good god it hurt to sing about God. Then they added the wires two weeks before the state band marching final competition, in which I had a mellophone solo. That's right. Ray was travelling performance choir boy and a french-horn playing band geek.   

       There was this one time, at band camp...
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2002

       RayfordSteele, that last quote hit so close to home it scared me.   

       I had a friend, who went to band camp for a week, and then a week later went with me to Boy Scout summer camp, and spent the entire two weeks there rambling incessantly to everyone about this one story about his band camp girlfriend kissing a stuffed cow, or something along those lines...   

       The _really_ scary part is that his story started exactly like your quote.
BinaryCookies, Sep 04 2002


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