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Land Yachting

Cruise the country
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A company which offers custom and package tours overland.

I'm thinking maybe eight people per bus, including 3 staff. Great for two couples or a small family. The staff take turns driving, cooking and attending to housekeeping duties.

Package tours include accomodations, meals and entertainment. And a two week 'cruise' could easily take you from Maine to California and back with a large variety of activities.

phoenix, Nov 01 2001

Neeeeearly there: http://www.greentortoise.com
Everybody pitches in with the cooking [Guy Fox, Nov 01 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bingo http://www.rakitours.com/
Scroll down to the 4Wd Vehicles tours. A cooker [sic] accompanies the party. [Guy Fox, Nov 01 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Only if the bus looked like a yacht.
mrkillboy, Nov 01 2001

       Can I still lie on deck and get a tan?
st3f, Nov 01 2001

       This is Baked for the rest of the world, so it has to be Baked for the US. Try looking harder.
DrBob, Nov 01 2001

       Go on DrB. Give us a link. I will settle for no less than a bus with a chef on board. (And I won't allow african safaris 'cos I'm mean).
st3f, Nov 01 2001

       Don't rock stars/bands kind of do this with their tour buses? Some of them have huge entourages including chefs, nutritionists, masseurs, aromatherapists, people to do the ironing...
pottedstu, Nov 01 2001

       I'd gladly supply the hardware, but I might have eaten it by the time it gets industrialized :-) :-D   

       Until then, farewell ! IFIYD ! - I   





sirau, Dec 29 2003


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