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Laptop Mosquitocap Film

Sticky film for utilizing blue computer screens as mosquito-trapping devices.
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Mosquitoes and flies are attracted to violet/blue light, and this effect had been used extensively, in ultraviolet fly traps. Usually, people are just distracted by mosquitos and bugs attacking the computer screens.

The idea is to use this effect to get trap of them: so, simply make UV-transparent film sticky on one side. Before sleeping, set your laptop screensaver to high blue (violet), and place the sticky film on the screen. In the morning, dispose of the film.

[Credits to my wife, who thought of using computer screen as a fly/mosquito trap.]

Inyuki, Sep 09 2012

Indigo http://www.jandofab...l-insect-repellent/
but they immediately leave [4and20, Sep 09 2012]


       Ah. The old plagiarized from my wife's idea, sticky film for utilizing blue screens as mosquito-trapping devices trick.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 09 2012

       Credit to you for having a wife.
rcarty, Sep 09 2012

       //Credit to you for having a wife   

       yeah.........I cried the night Hatsune Miku left me for an ARM processor, we could have been so good together baby...<refuses to let go of the bottle>
not_morrison_rm, Sep 09 2012

       [rcarty], you know, it seems (which is obvously true) the ideation as a way of thinking has a learned component. [Lessor Spotted Kiwi], she's beginning to plagiarize the way of thinking.
Inyuki, Sep 09 2012

       // The old plagiarized from my wife's idea. // ---------- How can you prove? if you did not publish this.
Spirulina, Sep 09 2012

       This [link] suggests that an indigo cloth will repel mosquitoes naturally. Also enhances the 3rd chakra, if you've been neglecting it.
4and20, Sep 09 2012

       // Before sleeping, set your laptop screensaver to high blue (violet) //   

       I hope it's in another room.
notexactly, Jun 21 2019


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