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No more fishes!

Tired of aquarium screensavers? Me too
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Everywhere I look, the same sad aquarium and falling water screensavers, why not one with deep sea creatures, latest discoveries could help to correctly model and texture the objects. Why not taking the same concept to a distant world or our own prehistoric past? Imitation has grown stale.
marlborotestuser7, Jan 10 2008


       time machine screensaver anyone ? (yeah, i know the "real one" would be magic.)
erlehmann, Jan 10 2008

       I like the idea of a time machine screensaver. Other idea: an aquarium screensaver with a globe could be used to display creatures from that part of the world. Lake Erie? Bay of Bengal? Yangtze? Each has its own fishes and swimming critters.
bungston, Jan 10 2008

       Maybe a screensaver combined with Google Earth images to create an airborne point-of-view. When the screensaver kicks in, you see a panoramic view from 10,000 feet with your flight path following the Great Wall of China, or you watch enrapt as you swoop lazily down through the Grand Canyon, or thrill to majesty of the Himalayas as you fly up Mount Everest. Or you could choose to simply buzz your own neighbourhood.   

       I might pick the Sahara and allow the screensaver to add the odd caravan or oasis onto the landscape below to break up the monotony. Perhaps an occasional glimpse of ancient ruins to tease the imagination as well?
Canuck, Jan 10 2008

       //to a distant world// I always thought that a simulation of flying at stupidly high speeds through space, stars flying past et al, would be a great screensaver.
vincevincevince, Jan 11 2008

       Oil drilling rigs in the ocean have underwater camera's to monitor the situation. Marine biologists have asked for the footage to study. This could be directly transfered to your screensaver.+
zeno, Jan 11 2008

       And welcome smoker.
zeno, Jan 11 2008


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